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Vancouver 2010

Rogge: Olympics Weather Not a Concern

February 02, 2005

City Hall Meeting: Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell (l) and IOC President Jacques Rogge. Behind them is Rene Fasel, the IOC's Vancouver Coordination Commission chair. (ATR) IOC ...

Rogge: Olympics Weather Not a Concern

February 01, 2005

IOC president Jacques Rogge used his first visit to Vancouver since it was awarded the 2010 Winter Games to allay fears that he's concerned about B.C.'s unseasonably mild weat...

Rogge: Canada Owns the 2010 Olympics

February 01, 2005

IOC President Jacques Rogge will be in Vancouver and Whistler for two days. (ATR Photos) (ATR) IOC President Jacques Rogge has launched a three day trip to Canada with an appe...

Vancouver Olympics Names New VP

January 26, 2005

 (ATR) Vancouver 2010â??s new senior vice president of Human Resources has started work for the organizing committee. Donna Wilson was confirmed by the VANOC board last week, ...

2010 Olympics Seek Sponsors, Hire HR VP

January 21, 2005

(ATR) Vancouver 2010 has been given the go-ahead by the IOC to seek sponsors in several categories, despite lingering and inconclusive negotiations over the terms of a marketi...

Rogge To Check Vancouver Olympics Preps

January 15, 2005

IOC President Jacques Rogge (r) and then Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien minutes after Vancouver's election in 2003 as the 2010 Winter Games host. Rogge is hoping to mee...

Vancouver Olympics Update

November 24, 2004

(ATR) Help wanted at Vancouver 2010. Five months after joining the executive team at the Vancouver Olympics, Jeff Chan, Senior Vice President of Human Resources has resigned ...

Vancouver 2010 Sues â??Olympicâ? Web Site

November 20, 2004

(ATR) Lawyers for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics are making good on a pledge made earlier this month to prevent unauthorized use of Olympic trademarks. A Whistler, B.C, couple a...

Olympics Broadcast Center Groundbreaking

November 09, 2004

The large open spaces of the VCEC will be taken over by the world's media in February 2010.(ATR) (ATR) Ground has been broken for an expansion of the Vancouver Convention and ...

Vancouver Picks GM, Wins Oil Co. Battle

November 04, 2005

GM Place will acquire a more generic name for the Olympics to avoid running afoul of IOC rules on clean venues. (ATR) While General Motors may be the new automobile sponsor of...

Richmond Groundbreaking for Olympic Oval

September 19, 2005

The Richmond Oval would be part of a sports and recreation complex on the banks of the Fraser River. (ATR) The golden shovels have hit the ground in the Vancouver suburb of Ri...

Budget Pressures for Vancouver Olympics

September 08, 2005

 (ATR) The head of the Vancouver Olympics says it is still too early to say whether the budget for construction of venues for the 2010 Winter Games will have to be increased. ...

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