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Vancouver 2010

Canada Votes for Change, Olympics OK

January 24, 2006

Stephen Harper is the new Canadian prime minister. (ATR) Canada has a new Prime Minister following Tuesday's national elections, but the change is not expected to impact plann...

Vancouver Olympics Update

December 18, 2005

 (ATR) VANOC seeks to tap an Olympics cash reserve, an Olympics doctor is named and plans for a ceremony in Turin are advancing. It's all included in this week's wrap-up of de...

Vancouver Olympics Show Early Red Ink

December 14, 2005

 (ATR) Early financial figures from Vancouver 2010 are running into the red, according to the recently-released statement for the fiscal year ending in July. But future income...

Vancouver Mayor Offers Olympics Vision

December 07, 2005

Sam Sullivan at his City Hall inauguration. (ATR) Vancouver's new mayor says the coming of the 2010 Olympics should make the city "a better place to live". Speaking at his ina...

Olympic City Elects New Mayor

November 20, 2005

Sam Sullivan during the mayoral election campaign. ( (ATR) A new mayor from Vancouver will take the Olympic flag during the handover ceremony at the close o...

Vancouver Olympics Readies for IOC Visit

June 02, 2006

Rene Fasel will conduct the latest meeting of the IOC Coordination Commission for 2010. (ATR) IOC Visit June 6-7It's the first visit for the IOC panel since last year and the ...

Arrests End Olympic Highway Protest

May 25, 2006

Protestors did not leave voluntarily. (ATR) Two dozen protestors now face charges after their arrests for blocking construction of an expansion to the Sea-to-Sky Highway neede...

Vancouver Olympics: Firing, Reorg & More

May 21, 2006

Vancover 2010 CEO John Furlong. (ATR) Construction Chief Fired, ReplacedWith construction about to go into high gear for the Vancouver Olympics, a new chief of construction wi...

Vancouver Olympics: Hockey, First Nations

May 02, 2006

The ice at General Motors Place in Vancouver. (ATR) (ATR) How much it will cost is the issue hanging over the planned site of the gold medal matches in ice hockey for the 2010...

Vancouver Olympics: New HQ, Road Protest

April 22, 2006

An aerial view of Campus 2010, the two buildings in east Vancouver that will be VANOC's headquarters through 2010. (Bob Mackin photo) April 21, 2006 ? Vanoc UpdatePhoto 1: Aer...

Vancouver Update: Olympics Egg Repair, Village News

April 15, 2006

The area in Vancouver where the Olympics Village will be constructed. (ATR) (ATR) A giant chocolate egg from the Turin Paralympics has found a home in Vancouver in time for Ea...

Vancouver Olympics: Labor Truce & More

April 02, 2006

 (ATR) There's the Olympic Truce. And then there's the Olympic Labor Truce.British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell's multi-billion-dollar gamble is paying off so far, quellin...

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