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Vancouver 2010

Cruise Ship Still Sails in 2010 Olympics Plan

September 28, 2006

The town of Squamish offers spectacular views on the way to Whistler. (ATR) Vancouver 2010 says it remains committed to exploring the use of a cruise ship to house journalists...

Olympic Media Housing Rejected for Whistler

September 26, 2006

No cruise ship media housing in Squamish, says the IOC Press Commission. (ATR) (ATR) Plans by Vancouver 2010 to use a cruise ship to house media covering events in Whistler ha...

Paralympics Logo for Vancouver 2010

September 16, 2006

 (ATR) Man Becomes Mountain is the name for the logo of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Paralympics. Unveiled Saturday, the logo depicts a human form which also appears as a green f...

Report: $1.3 Billion for 2010 Olympics

September 14, 2006

Construction on the bobsleigh track near Whistler, as well as most other projects for the Vancouver Olympics, are publicly funded. (VANOC) All figures in $ U.S.(ATR) The Vanco...

Vancouver Olympics Update

January 01, 1950

 Torch Relay PlanningA Vancouver public relations company and a Colorado company known for work on torch relays have been named to work through end of the year on preliminary ...

New Money for 2010 Olympics

August 30, 2006

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is flanked by Olympians at Wednesday's announcement. (B.Mackin) (ATR) Canada's prime minister says the federal government will provide $50 millio...

Vancouver Makes Big Switch for 2010 Paralympics

August 22, 2006

John Furlong says the move of two Paralympic sports to Vancouver will mean more exposure for the athletes. (ATR) (ATR) The city of Whistler has decided not to build a new aren...

Vancouver Olympics Update

August 17, 2006

Sledge hockey in the 2006 Winter Paralympics. Paralympics Events on the Move from Whistler? Plans to hold the 2010 Winter Paralympics entirely in Whistler could be unraveling....

Vancouver Olympics Update

August 07, 2006

 Vancouver Budget Top Up ComingVancouver 2010 CEO John Furlong could soon have an important wish fulfilled.The $55 million top-up for the budget requested by VANOC from the fe...

New Board Members; Soccer COO Canned

November 03, 2006

 (ATR) VANOC's board has three new members, appointed by the federal Conservatives government on Thursday. Heading the list is Peter Brown, chairman of Canaccord Capital Corp...

Vancouver Olympics Update

October 27, 2006

John Furlong at the Vancouver Board of Trade. (B.Mackin/ATR) Furlong Reports to Vancouver Board of TradeIn his annual speech this week to the Vancouver Board of Trade, VANOC c...

Vancouver Update: Olympics TV Chief, Furlong Reports

October 19, 2006

Nancy Lee will lead the host broadcast operation for Vancouver 2010. (CBC) Lee Moves from CBC to OBSThe most powerful woman in Canadian sports broadcasting is now the chief op...

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