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Vancouver 2010

Security Leadership Changes in Canada, Vancouver

December 08, 2006

 (ATR) Canada's top cop resigned this week, while West Vancouver's police chief is out of a job too, both with connections to security planning for the Vancouver Olympics. Roy...

Vancouver 2010 Update

January 01, 1950

Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan. (City of Vancouver) Olympic city to be more civil by 2010?Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan has announced his plan to use the 2010 Games as a catalyst...

Vancouver Under Winter Spell

November 28, 2006

Leaden skies above and a dusting of snow frame the construction site for the expansion of the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Center that will become the Main Media Center...

Women's Ski Jumpers Still Pushing for 2010

November 21, 2006

 (ATR) Members of the Canadian women's ski jumping team are telling VANOC 2010 chief executive John Furlong to press the IOC to include their discipline on the program of the ...

Vancouver Update: Holiday Pins, IOC Visit, Idaho

November 12, 2006

 (ATR) Holiday designs for Olympic pins, an IOC visit to Vancouver and Idaho looks for 2010 spin-offs from the Games. Holiday Pins for CollectorsThey aren't golden rings, but ...

New Board Members for Vancouver Olympics

November 07, 2006

 (ATR) New members have been named by the federal government for the board of directors for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.Prime Minister Stephen Harper has put his stamp on t...

Vancouver Update: Storm Damage Assessment

January 13, 2007

Light pours through the tear in the stadium roof. (B.Mackin/ATR) BC Place Stadium Repairs in ProgressA combination of human error and natural causes is blamed for last week's ...

Repairs Ahead for 2010 Olympic Stadium

January 06, 2007

The tear in the roof of BC Place Stadium can be seen on the right. (B.Mackin/ATR) (ATR) Repairs should be underway in days on the torn roof of BC Place Stadium, the venue for ...

Vancouver View: Olympic Roofing, Traffic and Sponsors

April 26, 2008

Robson Square is undergoing an $87 million renovation ahead of the Games. (ATR)  Wooden Roofing Nixed for Olympic Site A controversial plan to build a woode...

Vancouver View: Venue Owner Becomes Olympic Sponsor

March 31, 2008

John Les remains a member of the provincial legislature. (VPD)  Less of Les The Olympic province's "top cop" hastily resigned March 28 when it was revealed ...

Vancouver View: Olympic Hockey Venue in Legal Battle

May 02, 2007

The BC Supreme Court will decide if the sale of GM place was legal. (ATR)   VANOC No Closer to Lease at GM Place The battle for control of General Motors ...

Sochi Leader Adopts Vancouver Blueprint for Early Delivery of Venues

March 21, 2008

"The way they are managing their planning processes, communication processes and their business dealings have really inspired us to learn carefully," says S...

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