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Vancouver 2010

Vancouver View -- New Mayor for 2010 Olympics

June 09, 2008

Coun. Peter Ladner could become the next mayor of Vancouver and serve during the 2010 Winter Olympics. (ATR/B.Mackin)  Incumbent Mayor Not on Ballot A new m...

Vancouver View -- Olympic Organizers State Ski Jump Defense

June 03, 2008

The Canadian women's ski jumping team is against the litigation. It prefers to negotiate via federal sport secretary Helena Guergis after their Human Rights ...

Housing, Transport Issues ahead of Vancouver Olympic Inspection

February 22, 2008

(ATR) The cost and allotment of accommodation and the logistics of transportation could be big issues when the IOC Coordination Commission makes its latest inspection of Vanco...

New Broadcaster for Olympics in Italy

February 25, 2008

State-owned RAI has held the Italian broadcast rights to the Games since the 1960 Olympics in Rome. (Getty Images) (ATR)...

IOC Commission Opens Vancouver Meeting

February 26, 2008

IOC Coordination Commission chair Rene Fasel opens the meeting in Vancouver. To the left is senior IOC member in Australia, Kevan Gosper, chair of the IOC P...

Vancouver Olympics Helps Draw 2009 Legacy Lives

February 04, 2008

Peter Mann of pmpLegacy. (ATR)  (ATR) The coming of the Vancouver Olympics has made the city a good fit for the 2009 edition of Legacy Lives, the leader of ...

Top Secret Planning for Vancouver Olympic Ceremonies, Sponsor Threat

February 08, 2008

Ceremonies Planning Opens Behind Closed Doors While BC Stadium Place executive David Podmore ponders whether to replace the fabric roof of the arena with a retractable lid, tw...

Vancouver View: The Year Ahead

December 30, 2007

The IOC 2010 Coordination Commission made its last visit in September. (VANOC)  Two-Year Mark International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge will v...

Canada to Press IOC to Include Women's Ski Jumping

January 09, 2008

The Canadian Human Rights Commission received the ski jump complaint in February 2007. (Getty Images)  (ATR) Women’s ski jumping took another step towards ...

Vancouver View: IOC Unmoved on Women's Ski Jump

January 11, 2008

IOC: No Means No The International Olympic Committee isn’t budging on the exclusion of women’s ski jumping. The morning after the Government of Canada agreed to push for wome...

Vancouver Update: Test Events Ok, Competition Schedule Set

December 12, 2007

Ski and snowboard elite competitions regularly take place in Whistler. (Getty Images)  (ATR) The day-by-day schedule is set for the Vancouver Olympics, as w...

IOC Jittery over 2010 Security Budget

July 27, 2007

The RCMP may need more than the $165 million security budget in the Vancouver 2010 plan. (Getty Images)  (ATR) Around the Rings has learned that the IOC is ...

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