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Vancouver 2010

Golden Opportunities: Business Opportunities Across The Olympic Movement

February 03, 2008

 Featured Opportunities:Sport EnglandPress and PR OfficerClosing: February 13, 2008 Sport England is looking for a PR professional able to build the compan...

Last-Minute Pleas for Women Jumpers at Vancouver Olympics

January 07, 2008

With the exception of ski jumping, every other event in the Winter Olympics includes female competitors. (Getty Images)  Despite the deadline long passing t...

Updated: $100+ Million for Australian TV Rights, FIFA Baku Ban, African Fund

October 12, 2007

  $105 Million for Australian TV Rights A record price will be paid  for the rights to broadcast the 2010 and 2012 Olympics in Australia. Around the Ri...

Two Dozen NOCs Celebrate Olympic Day

June 24, 2008

In Beijing, some 1,000 runners took to the streets for an Olympic Day race. Chinese Olympic Committee president and sport minister Liu Peng led the pack. (BO...

Vancouver Tops Olympic Cities for Quality of Life

June 11, 2008

Vancouver is the top-rated North American city in the survey as well as among Olympic host cities. (ATR)  (ATR) An annual survey on quality of life and s...

Media Watch: Olympic Menus in Beijing, Search for Green Flame in 2010

May 18, 2008

 The Vancouver Sun talks about the environmental unfriendliness of the Olympic flame. The Wall Street Journal profiles Olympic themed menus in Beijing. Reu...

Vancouver View: Security Screeners, BC Pavilion in Beijing, No Protests for First Nations

April 21, 2008

Olympic spectators stand in the security screening line outside the alpine skiing venue in Turin. (Getty Images)  Security Screeners Needed Vancouver 2010 i...

Vancouver View: CBC Censorship Complaint, Olympic Sustainability Report

April 07, 2008

CBC president Hubert Lacroix. (CBC)  CBC Stuck behind Great Firewall Canadian Broadcasting Corporation -- the Canadian rights-holder for Beijing 2008 -- has...

Vancouver 2010 Board Talks Olympic Operations, Responds to Boycott Questions

March 20, 2008

(ATR) A carbon emissions offset program, broadcast and management contracts and discussions of where to put the anti-doping laboratory needed for the Vancouver Olympics were a...

Holiday Hours for Olympic Offices

December 24, 2007

(ATR) Holidays for Christmas and the New Year mean office closings for the IOC as well as organizing committees during the next weeks. IOC offices will be closed Dec. 22 to Ja...

Sponsor Spotlight : IOC Opens Talks with Gazprom

December 02, 2007

(ATR)  Gazprom Talks Open in Moscow Marketing commission chairman Gerhard Heiberg tells Around the Rings the IOC met with executives from Russia energy company Gazprom two we...

Beijing Bold Face: People in Beijing

October 28, 2007

The Crowne Plaza lobby. (ATR)  (ATR) The lobby of the Crowne Plaza Hotel next to the Olympic Stadium was a busy crossroads this week with the IOC meetings a...

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