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Sheikh Salman Receives CAF Endorsement

February 05, 2016

(ATR) The Confederation of African Football (CAF) is backing Sheikh Salman in the Bahrain royal’s bid to replace Sepp Blatter as FIFA president. Sheikh Salman is CAF-approv...

Australian Sports Called to Task

February 04, 2016

(ATR) Sports in Australia have been forced to stand up and take notice this week, with the government calling for more work to be done on gender equality. Sussan Ley, Austral...

FIFA Presidential Candidates Target African Votes

February 04, 2016

(ATR) Jerome Champagne tells Around the Rings he met with African football leaders Thursday and believes his support for the game on the continent will bring backing for his F...

FIFA Race - Sexwale Hopes Diminish as Infantino Momentum Builds

February 03, 2016

(ATR) After failing to win the South African FA's support on Tuesday, Tokyo Sexwale’s low-key campaign could grind to a halt on Friday when Africa’s football chiefs select the...

World Rugby Creates First Women's World Rankings -- Federations Focus

February 03, 2016

(ATR) Women’s test rugby teams now have their first official global ranking system since women’s rugby matches began in 1987. (Getty) The new ranking system is based on t...

FIFA Race - Prince Ali Questions FIFA's Motives

February 03, 2016

(ATR) Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan says FIFA’s decision to suspend funding to CONCACAF and CONMEBOL means their votes for the upcoming FIFA presidential election are b...

Exclusive - Salman Expects "Remarkable Surprises" in FIFA Election Vote

February 03, 2016

(ATR) Sheikh Salman Ebrahim Al Khalifa expects “remarkable surprises” in the FIFA presidential election vote and denies he is using Bahraini government funding for his campaig...

FIFA Election - Infantino Launches African Charm Offensive

February 02, 2016

(ATR) Gianni Infantino revealed that he might appoint an African to be his secretary general if he wins the Feb 26 election. Infantino outlines his FIFA vision at Wembley S...

Sexwale Won't Withdraw FIFA Candidacy... For Now

February 01, 2016

(ATR) Tokyo Sexwale’s campaign chief tells Around the Rings the South African is not pulling out of the FIFA presidential race. Sexwale's fate could be decided on Tuesday o...

Bach Visits Los Angeles 2024 Venues -- Monday Memo

January 31, 2016

(ATR) IOC president Thomas Bach will tour the proposed Olympic and Media Villages in the Los Angeles 2024 Olympic bid on Monday as part of his two-day tour of the city. IOC...

No Deal Between Infantino and Salman for FIFA Presidency

January 29, 2016

The FIFA race is hotting up (Getty) (ATR) Rumours of a deal between Shaikh Salman and Gianni Infantino in the FIFA election race have been scotched after the Bahraini’s team ...

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