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Olympic Newsdesk

FIFA Ethics Judges Open Hearings for Blatter and Platini

December 17, 2015

(Getty) (ATR) If Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini are handed lengthy bans by FIFA’s top judge, the Frenchman’s presidential hopes are virtually doomed, according to the appeal...

China Vows to Clean up Air Ahead of 2022 Olympics

December 15, 2015

(ATR) China is promising to reduce air pollution in Beijing ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics following the city's first-ever red alert for severe smog last week. China's...

Statement from ANOC Vice-President Lassana Palenfo on the current situation in Kuwait

December 12, 2015

As Vice-President of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) and President of the Association of the National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA), I would like ...

Bach: Doping Cheats "Erode Trust in Clean Athletes" -- Media Watch

December 11, 2015

(ATR) IOC President Thomas Bach says that as an Olympian, he finds recent developments in some sports "particularly upsetting." IOC President Thomas Bach speaking with re...

Olympic Venues "Superb" Despite Beijing Smog Red Alert

December 08, 2015

(ATR) A ski venue expert tells Around the Rings the venue that will host Olympic skiing events in 2022 looks "something like Summit County, Colorado or Park City, Utah." ...

South African Court Grants Oscar Pistorius Bail

December 08, 2015

(ATR) Oscar Pistorius will remain free on bail while he awaits sentencing for murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013. South African judge Aubrey Ledwaba granted...

Pistorius Found Guilty of Murder

December 03, 2015

(ATR) Oscar Pistorius is convicted of murdering girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp after a South African appeals court overturned the manslaughter verdict. Pistorius faces at lea...

Prince Albert Marches in Fight Against Climate Change

December 01, 2015

(ATR) A five-time Olympian and IOC member since 1985, Prince Albert II of Monaco is joining thousands around the world demanding action against climate change. Prince Alb...

Human Rights Watch to FIVB: Show Iran Cost of Excluding Women

November 30, 2015

(ATR) Human Rights Watch wants the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) to urge Iranian leaders to repeal the ban on women attending volleyball matches. An all-male...

Atlanta Weighs Future of 1996 Olympic Venue

November 27, 2015

(ATR) Georgia State University, one of three bidders hoping to acquire all or part of Atlanta's Turner Field, is honoring the legacy of the 1996 Olympics with its proposal. ...

Russian Athletics Eager to Clean Up Reputation -- Media Watch

November 20, 2015

(ATR) Max Cobb, CEO of U.S. Biathlon Association, says Russian athletics leaders are not in denial anymore. Russian Olympian Mariya Savinova (front left) is facing an int...

Debbie Jevans: "It's Mad" to Sideline Issue of Gender Equity in Sport

November 19, 2015

(ATR) Former London 2012 director of sport, Debbie Jevans, tells Around the Rings that Olympic leaders can do more to promote gender equity in sport. Debbie Jevans (Getty...

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