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Rio de Janeiro 2016

Canoeists want an even playing field before return to action

April 17, 2020

Every athlete who attends the Olympic or Paralympic Games needs to have had the same opportunity to prepare and train, according to three of the world’s leading canoe paddle...

En Problemas Jefe de Mision de Comite Olimpico Argentino

April 08, 2020

(ATR) A Diego Gusmán, Jefe de Misión del Comité Olímpico Argentino (COA),  sus elogios a la última dictadura militar le ha costado el puesto en medio de fuertes críticas. Die...

NOlympics LA Releases Statement on Tokyo 2020 & COVID-19

March 23, 2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 23, 2020 CONTACT: Jonny Coleman - / 213-369-1125 "Canceling the Olympics is not only possible; it’s absolutely necessary,...

COB defends postponement of Tokyo Olympics by one year

March 21, 2020

The entity's position is due to the worsening of the COVID-19 pandemic in the world The Brazilian Olympic Committee defends the transfer of the Tokyo Olympic Games to 2021,...

Q&A: Athletes in Training for C-Suite

March 11, 2020

(ATR) Consulting giant EY is helping Olympic athletes make the transition from the playing field to business careers. Kristy Ingram, EY Global Lead, Athlete Programs & Women A...

Tokyo Olympics Media Summit, Judo Latest Corona Casualties

March 09, 2020

Sports demonstrations are a part of the media summit.(ATR) (ATR) The first major event for journalists involving the Tokyo Olympics is postponed due to the coronavirus. The m...

#ICYMI: IOC - 'The Games Will Go Ahead', Aly Raisman Blasts USA Gymnastics Settlement

March 08, 2020

IOC spokesperson Mark Adams (ATR) #ICYMI -- In Case You Missed It ... Sometimes the best stories don't get the attention we think they deserve. Here are our staff picks fo...

Aly Raisman Blasts USA Gymnastics Settlement

March 03, 2020

Aly Raisman on The Today Show. (ATR) Aly Raisman says a proposed settlement from USA Gymnastics over a massive sex abuse scandal fails to hold sports leaders accountable. ...

IPC President express condolences at Siamand Rahman passing

March 02, 2020

The International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC) President Andrew Parsons has expressed his shock and deepest condolences at the passing of Iran’s two-time Paralympic champion p...

Muere Olimpico Argentino, 26

February 27, 2020

(ATR) Conmoción en el mundo atlético continental ha causado la muerte del deportista olímpico argentino Braian Toledo cerca de la medianoche de este jueves. Braian Toledo ...

2 Minute Newscast: Tokyo 2020 United by Emotion

February 21, 2020

(ATR) Five months before the opening ceremony, the official motto “United by Emotion” has been unveiled with Japan's Naomi Osaka as the star of the promotional video. ATR’s Gr...

ANOC Loan, Hickey Stuck in Brazilian Legal Limbo

February 19, 2020

(ATR) A $450,000 loan that bought freedom for ex-Irish NOC president and suspended IOC member Patrick Hickey remains unpaid and on the books of the Association of National Oly...

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