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Rio de Janeiro 2016

Modernizing Modern Pen

September 17, 2019

(ATR) - Modern Pentathlon has been a staple of the Olympics since Baron Pierre de Coubertin introduced it at the 1912 Games in Stockholm. What was originally five days of comp...

Daniel Dias Secures More Parapan Gold

August 30, 2019

(Lima 2019) (ATR) Para swimmer Daniel Dias won his third gold at the Parapan American Games in Lima on Thursday. The Brazilian’s win in the 100m freestyle secured his 30t...

OpEd: The Case for Shooting Sport

August 26, 2019

The following is in response to an OpEd by Alan Abrahamson published in Around the Rings on August 14, 2019. It can be found here.  The response is written by Bob Gambardel...

Tokyo 2020: Sport that will change the world

August 23, 2019

Ahead of the one year to go celebrations this Sunday (25 August), International Paralympic Committee (IPC) President Andrew Parsons says he believes the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic ...

Los de Lima tambien fueron unos "Juegos Limpios"

August 15, 2019

(ATR) Transcurre una semana de homenajes y reflexiones en el deporte de América a cuatro dias del cierre de la XVIII edición de los Juegos Panamericanos en Lima mientras los p...

ATR Radio: Changes Coming for USOPC

August 15, 2019

(ATR) The leader of an independent commission tells Around the Rings the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee is on track for cultural and governance changes. Ed Hula and L...

OpEd: Shooting No Sport for Olympics

August 14, 2019

(ATR) In the aftermath of horrific gun attacks, including one in his Ohio hometown, Alan Abrahamson raises questions about the place of sport shooting on the Olympic program...

Baseball, Softball Not Guaranteed for Santiago 2023

August 10, 2019

(ATR) The World Baseball and Softball Confederation (WBSC) will give "total support" to Santiago 2023 and Chile as the decision approaches on the sports for the next Pan Ameri...

WBSC da "Total Apoyo" a Santiago 2023

August 10, 2019

(ATR) La Confederación Mundial de Béisbol y Softbol (WBSC) dará “total apoyo” a Santiago 2023 y Chile afirma que “mantiene a esos dos deportes” en el programa panamericano. ...

Lima 2019: Just What Nathan Adrian Needed

August 09, 2019

(ATR) Nathan Adrian was diagnosed with testicular cancer in December 2018 and his reality changed completely. Nathan Adrian says the pool "is home, this is where I'm happy...

Spotlight on Sprinters in Lima

August 07, 2019

(ATR) The men's and women's finals of one of the signature events of any athletics meet highlighted day two at the VIDENA in Lima on Wednesday. Michael Rodgers celebrates w...


July 25, 2019

“Sport is changing. It’s changing quickly, faster than ever. With the arrival of new technologies, it has never been so global, connected and shared. The last Summer Olympics ...

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