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Innsbruck 2012 YOG

Olympics Media Vet Heads Olympic Media Ops

January 30, 2020

(ATR) Lucia de Montanarella has been a key to smooth media operations at every Olympics since the Turin 2006 Winter Games in her native Italy. Lucia de Montanarella during ...

ATRadio: The Flame Goes Out in Lausanne

January 23, 2020

ATR's Brian Pinelli with Lausanne 2020 president Virginie Faivre at the Olympic Bob Run in St. Moritz. (ATR) (ATR) The 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games come to a happy end in ...

3-on-3 Hockey Unites Athletes at Lausanne 2020

January 12, 2020

(ATR) Nothing like it has ever been seen in 100 years of Olympic ice hockey. Italian goalie Matthias Rindone denies a Lithuanian opponent. (ATR) With 13 players from 13 di...

ATR Radio: One Week to Lausanne 2020

January 02, 2020

(ATR) Less than a week to the opening ceremony, organizers of the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games make their final preparations for the Games in Lausanne. CEO Ian Logan spe...

ATR First: Fasel - Winter Olympics at Risk

October 18, 2017

(ATR) The collapse of the Innsbruck bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics should be ringing alarm bells, says International Ice Hockey Federation president Rene Fasel. Voters in...

Learning from Innsbruck 2026 Failure

October 16, 2017

(ATR) The Innsbruck 2026 bid is in ruins after a failed referendum but the jury is still out on what Sunday’s vote means to the Olympic bidding process in general. Innsbruck ...

Potential Austrian 2026 Bid Closer to Fruition

August 14, 2017

(ATR) Innsbruck and the Tyrol region present the Austrian bid offer to the IOC to host the 2026 Olympics. Tyrol provincial Governor Josef Geisler, OOC Gen. Sec. Peter Menne...

Austria NOC Votes for Stability

March 02, 2017

(ATR) Austrian Olympic sports leaders back stability at Austrian Olympic Committee as the possibility looms for a new bid for the Winter Games. Karl Stoss, Austria NOC Pres...

Innsbruck Weighing Potential of 2026 Olympic Bid

December 12, 2016

(ATR) Austria is moving forward with a feasibility study to bring the Winter Games back for a third time. The Olympic Flame is lit at the opening ceremony of the 1976 Winte...

Dubi: Youth Olympic Games Changing to Fit Agenda 2020 -- ATRadio

September 28, 2016

(ATR) Change is coming for the Youth Olympic Games. IOC executives are working on changes to the bidding process and format of the Youth Olympics. (ATR) The Youth Olympic ...

IOC Commissions Named for 2024, Beijing, YOG

February 24, 2016

Frank Fredericks (ATR) (ATR) Leadership and members are named for three important IOC commissions. Leading the list is Frank Fredericks, Olympian and IOC member in Namibia...

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