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Innsbruck 2012 YOG

Press Release: Innsbruck reaches first milestone after winning the Youth Olympic Games

January 14, 2009

 On Thursday Innsbruck's Mayor Hilde Zach met IOC President Jacques Rogge und AOC President Leo Wallner and signed the Host City Contract for the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Game...

IOC Names Winter Youth Olympics Commission Chair

January 12, 2009

International Ski Federation President Gian-Franco Kasper will monitor preparations for the 2012 Winter YOG in Innsbruck. (Getty Images) International Ski Federation Presiden...

Innsbruck Promises Spectacular Winter Youth Olympics

December 12, 2008

IOC President Jacques Rogge reveals Innsbruck as the host of the inaugural Winter Youth Olympic Games. (ATR) (ATR) Organizers of the 2012 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Innsbru...

Press Release: Innsbruck Honored by Selection as First Winter Youth Games Host City

December 12, 2008

 With the selection of Innsbruck as the host city for the First Winter Youth Olympic Games in 2012, the IOC today awarded its inaugural event for young Olympians to a city tha...

Innsbruck to Host 2012 Winter Youth Olympic Games

December 12, 2008

Innsbruck has been chosen as the first host for a winter Youth Olympic Games. (Getty Images)  (ATR) The IOC announced this morning that the first Winter Youth Olympic Games w...

Innsbruck Poses Least Risk for 2012 Youth Olympic Games

December 11, 2008

(ATR) Innsbruck, Austria could be the favorite to win the 2012 Winter Youth Olympic Games, the annoucememnt coming  Friday. The IOC Evaluation Commission report says the plan ...

Bidding for the Games: Winter & Summer YOGs, 2016 Cities Head to Monaco

December 03, 2008

 IOC Votes on Winter Youth Olympics The ballots are coming in to IOC headquarters that will decide the contest between Innsbruck, Austria and Kuopio, Finland for the ina...

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