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Innsbruck 2012 YOG

Sponsor Spotlight -- Omega Counting Down to YOG; BMW Unveils 2012 Cars

July 14, 2011

Former ski champions Fritz Strobl and Franz Klammer with Innsbruck 2012 mascot Yoggl.(Innsbruck 2012) Clock Ticks Away to Youth Winter Olympics in Innsbruck TOP sponsor ...

IOC Session Hears from Olympic Organizers

July 07, 2011

Russian Olympic Committee President Alexander Zhukov (ATR) The journey into space will come during the relay for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi. Deputy prime minister and Rus...

Top Story Replay -- Opportunity Lies Ahead for Women's Ski Jumpers

April 16, 2011

(ATR) Women’s ski jump pioneer Lindsey Van tells Around the Rings her sport will gain valuable exposure from its newfound Olympic status as well as next winter’s inaugural Wor...

YOG Report -- Singaporean Critics; Billion Euros Pledge for 2018; 2012 Volunteers

April 12, 2011

Critics of the Singapore YOG vow to make the cost of the Games a political issue. (Getty Images) Political Party Raises YOG Question One of Singapore’s political parties ...

Tuesday Talk -- Curling Chief on World Champs, Mixed Doubles, Anti-Doping

March 29, 2011

Kate Caithness is the World Curling Federation’s first female president as well as one of only three female federation chiefs for sports on the Olympic program. (WCF) ...

One Year to Innsbruck, IOC Happy with Preparations

January 13, 2011

(ATR) The IOC's Youth Olympic Games chief tells Around the Rings he is satisfied with preparations for the inaugural winter YOG in Innsbruck, just one year away. Essar Gabri...

IOC Could Postpone Sochi 2014 Grand Prix; 2020 Olympics Timetable Set

January 13, 2011

Gilbert Felli, Olympic Games executive director, at the press briefing (ATR) (ATR) The IOC confirms it has the power to postpone the first Formula One Grand Prix in Sochi in ...

Innsbruck 2012, IOC Congress Actions on Executive Board Agenda

January 11, 2011

(ATR) Preparations for the next three Olympics and first winter Youth Olympic Games, as well as actions on the recommendations from the 2009 Congress, top the agenda for the I...

YOG Mascot; First Golf Federation President; Sambadrome Expansion

December 15, 2010

Mountain Goat, mascot of the YOG. (Innsbruck 2014) Mountain Goat YOG Mascot A mountain goat will be the mascot of the 2012 Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck. Voting for th...

Q&A with Peter Bayer -- Innsbruck YOG CEO

December 10, 2010

Peter Bayer, Innsbruck 2012 CEO. (ATR) (ATR) The Innsbruck Youth Olympic Games organizing committee is now moving into operational mode, the Games president tells Around the...

Innsbruck YOG Unveils Pictograms; Ski Jump Venue

November 18, 2010

Innsbruck 2012 CEO Peter Bayer (far left) with Werner Friesser, major of Seefeld, Seefeld tourism board chairman Fritz Kaltschmid and Tyrolean vice governor Hannes Gschwentner...

Acapulco Report - IOC Set to Approve Women's Ski Jump, New Sochi Events

October 24, 2010

(ATR) Women's ski jumping makes another attempt at landing on the Olympic program when the IOC Executive Board considers new events for the 2014 Sochi Olympics during its th...

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