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Summer 2024

IOC Keeps Ban on Member Visits to Bid Cities

October 23, 2014

(Getty) (ATR ) Around the Rings has learned that the IOC’s ruling body will not recommend lifting the 15-year-old ban on member visits to Olympic bid cities. ATR is told t...

Kazakh Government Announces 2022 Funding Plan

October 20, 2014

Almaty's Medeu Alpine Ice Arena (Getty Images) (ATR) The government of Kazakhstan will fund one-third of the 2022 Olympics. Reports in Kazakh media say that the sports mi...

Hashtag Hopes for French Olympic Bid

October 17, 2014

Bernard Lapasset (Getty Images) (ATR) Just days after doubts about a new bid from France for the Olympics, the French Olympic committee steps forward to keep the ambition ali...

Bach Talks 2022, 2024 Races; Germany Begins Civic Bid Involvement

October 17, 2014

(Getty Images) (ATR) The German Olympic Committee is getting feedback on a 2024 bid from German civil society. On Thursday, some 70 representatives from a wide variety o...

World Games Officials Impressed With Birmingham

October 17, 2014

Volunteers hold the flags of countries participating in the 2013 World Games (Getty Images) (ATR) Max Bishop, head of the evaluation commission for the 2021 World Games, tell...

Hopes Remain for French Olympic Bid

October 15, 2014

Manuel Valls, prime minister of France (Getty Images) (ATR) In the wake of comments from the prime minister of France that the government wants to support efforts to secure a...

Paris 2024 Ambition Dead as PM Backs World Expo Bid

October 13, 2014

(Getty Images) (ATR) Prime Minister Manuel Valls appears to have ended any hopes of a Paris Olympic bid after publicly supporting France’s candidacy to host the 2025 World Ex...

Race To Bid For 2024 Olympics Heats Up -- Media Watch

October 13, 2014

(Getty Images) (ATR) Reporter Steve Blakely, who covered the 1980 Winter Olympics, says that as Washington vies to bid for the 2024 Games, it can learn from previous hosts. "...

German Olympic Committee Postpones Olympic Bid Decision -- UPDATED

October 13, 2014

(Getty Images) (ATR) The DOSB, Germany's Olympic Committee, will decide on a candidate city for the 2024 Olympics early next year. On Monday, DOSB president Alfons Hörmann...

Argentina Winter Olympic Bid Could Be "New Frontier"

October 08, 2014

The Argentinian NOC could launch a future Winter Olympic bid for Patagonia. (Getty Images) (ATR) One Olympic bid consultant says Argentina’s interest in hosting the Winter Ol...

Rome 2024 Bid Ambitions On Track Despite Oslo Demise

October 03, 2014

Rome, Italy (Getty Images) (ATR) The Italian Olympic Committee says Oslo 2022’s failure will not deter Rome from bidding for the 2024 Games. Oslo’s departure from the race...

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