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Summer 2024

German Government Earmarks Funds for Hamburg

May 22, 2015

(ATR) Hamburg 2024 received $33 million from the German government. Hamburg 2024 is being helped by the German government. (Getty Images) The government approved the fundi...

Boston 2024 Partnership Broadens Leadership Support

May 21, 2015

Boston 2024 Partnership Broadens Leadership Support Board of Directors Approves Steve Pagliuca as Chair Next Phase of Games Concept On Track for Review in Late June BOS...

State Government Weighs Amendment on Boston Olympic Spending

May 21, 2015

(ATR) A proposal approved this week by the Massachusetts senate targets tax dollars spent on the 2024 Olympics.  Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker speaks at a meeting wi...

Referendum No Major Obstacle for Hamburg 2024 Bid

May 19, 2015

(ATR) Bid leader Bernard Schwank tells Around the Rings he doesn’t expect any repeat of the "no" vote in a referendum that nailed the coffin shut on Munich 2022. Hamburg 2...

USOC Stands Behind Boston 2024

May 19, 2015

(ATR) The United States Olympic Committee is “100 percent” behind the Boston 2024 bid. Scott Blackmun (Getty Images) In a statement provided to Around the Rings, USOC chie...

Budapest "Serious" About 2024 Olympic Bid

May 19, 2015

(ATR) The Hungarian NOC tells Around the Rings that Budapest will be a strong contender offering a bidding concept aligned with Agenda 2020. The Hungarian delegation at the...

City Council Probes Boston Olympic Bid

May 18, 2015

(ATR) The Boston city council asked Boston 2024 bid leaders questions on issues regarding Olympic Agenda 2020 on May 18. Boston (Getty Images) In a two-and-a-half-hour mee...

USOC: Tokyo 2020 Host Contract Not a Model For Boston

May 15, 2015

(ATR) The United States Olympic Committee says that the host city contract for the Tokyo 2020 games is not applicable to Boston. “The United States Olympic Committee subseq...

European Olympic Committees Converge in Belek -- ATRadio

May 15, 2015

(ATR) Lots of key items pack the agendas of the annual seminar and an extraordinary congress of the European Olympic Committees this week. The opening of the 36th EOC Semin...

Boston 2024 Works on Transparency of Olympic Bid -- Monday Memo

May 15, 2015

(ATR) Boston 2024, the group behind the city's bid for the Games, is making efforts to clarify plans for a potential Boston Olympics. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker ...

State Governor Wants Revised Boston Olympic Bid

May 14, 2015

(ATR) Massachusetts state leadership wants Boston 2024 to finish their revised bid plan soon. Charlie Baker (Getty Images) Governor Charlie Baker has called for the bid le...

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