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Summer 2024

Paris Advances Olympic Aquatics Plans

April 03, 2019

(ATR) Three architects are vying for the Paris 2024 aquatics center contract, as Games officials move forward with one of the biggest projects of the Olympics. (Paris 2024)...

Karate Shows Unity in Paris 2024 Inclusion Claims at #EuroKarate2019

April 01, 2019

The following was written by the World Karate Federation and published here in its entirety. Over 500 karatekas from all over Europe participated in the action of 'Karate O...

OpEd: Questioning the Autonomy of Sport

March 29, 2019

(ATR) After spending the last seven years covering the IOC and the Olympic Movement day in and day out, I am finally leaving the beat. Reporting on the ground in Indonesia ...

Paula Radcliffe Headlines PCC London 2019 -- Conferences & Conventions

March 28, 2019

(ATR) Paula Radcliffe will be the headline speaker at the Partnership for Clean Competition London 2019 Conference next month. Paula Radcliffe the headline speaker in Londo...

Bach Talks Takeda, Paris 2024 and Koreas for Tokyo 2020

March 27, 2019

(ATR) The IOC president denies that he called for Tsunekazu Takeda to quit over the vote-buying Tokyo 2020 scandal. Tsunekazu Takeda announced his resignation last week (AT...

IOC Shakes Up Olympic Bidding - Again

March 27, 2019

(ATR) After revamping the 2026 Winter Olympic bidding procedure, the IOC is set to overhaul its host city selection process for the 2030 and 2032 Games. IOC President Thoma...


March 27, 2019

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) welcomes the support of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board (EB) today, after it outlined its recognitio...

Weightlifting Secures IOC Backing for Paris Olympics

March 26, 2019

(ATR) The IOC has recognized weightlifting’s anti-doping reforms and removed its threat to ban the sport from the 2024 Games. Weightlifting is back in the IOC's good graces...

ICF announces host cities of 2024 Olympic sprint and slalom qualifiers

March 15, 2019

Duisburg in Germany and Lee Valley in Great Britain have been announced as the hosts of important canoeing world championships which will also double as Olympic selection even...

The Reasons For Shortening Baseball Games

March 14, 2019

(ATR) The World Baseball/Softball Confederation (WBSC) president explains the reasons for the "revolutionary" measure to reduce nine-inning international games in all baseball...

WBSC: Juegos se reducen a siete entradas

March 14, 2019

(ATR) La Confederación Mundial de Béisbol/Softbol (WBSC) ha anunciado una medida “revolucionaria” : reducir los partidos internacionales en todas las categorias de béisbol a s...

Karate hails 'unique situation' of the sport as campaign to request Paris 2024 inclusion continues

March 12, 2019

Karate is extremely popular in France with 250,000 affiliates (WKF) The following was written by the World Karate Federation and published here in its entirety. MADRID (SP...

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