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Summer 2024

LA 2028 CEO Moves to New Role

December 11, 2018

(ATR) LA 2028 chief executive officer Gene Sykes will be leaving his post in the coming weeks but will stay on with the organization. Gene Sykes joined LA 2024 as CEO in 20...

IOC takes leadership role in the UN Sports for Climate Action Initiative

December 11, 2018

As world leaders at the UN Climate Change Summit in Poland (COP24) prepare to implement the Paris Agreement to limit the rise of global temperatures to 1.5°C above pre-industr...

#ICYMI: IOC CoComm Tours Yokohama Stadium; Billiards Launches 2024 Bid; IOC Warns India Over Kosovo Visas

December 09, 2018

(ATR) #ICYMI -- In Case You Missed It ... Sometimes the best stories don't get the attention we think they deserve. Here are our staff picks for articles this week they really...

New Doping Lab for Paris, New Sports Director

December 06, 2018

(ATR) A state of the art drug testing lab will be ready to go in Paris, one year ahead of the 2024 Olympics. (ATR) AFLD, the French Anti Doping Agency, has won the govern...

Billiards Launches 2024 Olympics Campaign

December 04, 2018

(ATR) Billiards is the latest sport to launch a campaign to join the program of the 2024 Olympics in Paris. Some of the world’s top players showed their skills with a cu...

Pros and Cons of 'Open' Olympic Ceremonies

December 03, 2018

(ATR) The opening ceremonies of upcoming Olympic Games being turned into "open" parties outside an Olympic stadium would be "a new creative challenge". Marco Balich was Rio 2...

ATR First: No Joint Winter Olympics Award

December 01, 2018

IOC Pres. Thomas Bach (ATR) (ATR) IOC President Thomas Bach rules out awarding the next two Winter Olympic Games at the the same time. Even though only two 2026 candidates...

Olympic Summit Building to Esports Consensus

December 01, 2018

(ATR) An Olympic summit this month in Lausanne will produce the first consensus statements that could signal a future relationship between esports and the Olympics. Thomas ...

A New Direction for Olympic Opening Ceremonies? -- Top Story Replay

December 01, 2018

(ATR) When Thomas Bach has a dream, he asks Olympic host cities to make it come true, even if that means tearing up longstanding plans. Thomas Bach addresses the world's N...

IOC: Weightlifting Shows Progress

November 30, 2018

(ATR) Weightlifting shows progress, but still isn’t a lock for Paris 2024. IOC director of sport Kit McConnell and IOC spokesman Mark Adams (ATR) The IOC Executive Board,...

2 Minutes From Tokyo: Sheikh Ahmad Plans ANOC Return; ANOCA Saga Ends

November 29, 2018

(ATR) Around the Rings reports from Tokyo this week as ANOC President Sheikh Ahmad steps aside for now as the ANOC General Assembly meets. Those who gathered in the Japanese c...

LA 2028 Pitches ANOC for the First Time

November 29, 2018

(ATR) Casey Wasserman hears the question often: “With no major construction, what are you going to do for 10 years?” Casey Wasserman updates ANOC General Assembly on LA 20...

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