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Lillehammer 2016

Golden Opportunities -- Business Never Stops

June 01, 2014

This week's Golden Opportunities: 1. Featured Jobs - London Skolars Ltd, FEI, Mizuno, UK Sport, Australian Turf Club, Singapore Sports Hub 2. Proposals - World Club Rugby ...

EOC President: Autonomy and Good Governance "Vital To Our Very Existance"

May 27, 2014

Nicosia; 23 May 2014: The European Olympic Committees (EOC) President Patrick Hickey today stressed the importance of autonomy and good governance during a keynote address on ...

IOC President Thomas Bach meets the King of Norway ahead of visit to Lillehammer Youth Olympic Games organisers

May 19, 2014

The President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, today met His Majesty the King of Norway, Harald V, at the Royal Castle in Oslo, ahead of a visit to L...

IOC President Meets Norwegian King

May 19, 2014

Queen Sonja and King Harald cheer on Norway at the Sochi Games. (Getty Images) Thomas Bach met with King Harald V of Norway on Monday. The visit took place ahead of the L...

Media Watch - NYT Scrutinizes Brazil; ESPN on Historic X Games

June 28, 2013

(ATR) Cyd Zeigler writes for the Huffington Post and “says the United States should not boycott the Winter Olympics over LGBT rights.” Huff Post writer says Russian LGBT ri...

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