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Final Push for Rio 2016 -- ATRadio

October 11, 2015

Construction outside of the Rio Olympic Park (Getty Images) (ATR) The third and final Rio 2016 Press Operations Briefing wrapped up in Rio de Janeiro on Oct. 8. It was the...

ICSS: FIFA "Crying Out" For Structural Overhaul -- ATRadio

October 09, 2015

(ATR) Chris Eaton, executive director of Sport Integrity at the International Center for Sport Security (ICSS), tells Around the Rings that FIFA is "crying out" for a structur...

Rio 2016 Facing Home Stretch -- ATRadio

October 06, 2015

(ATR) The third and final Rio 2016 Press Operations Briefing is underway in Rio de Janeiro. The interior of the Engenhao Olympic Stadium in Rio (Getty Images) It is the fi...

Fed Leaders Confident in Plans for Rio 2016 -- ATRadio

October 04, 2015

(ATR) Newly-elected president of the International Tennis Federation David Haggerty tells Around the Rings that construction on Rio 2016's tennis venue is "coming together wel...

Cycling Leader Optimistic About Rio 2016, Tokyo 2020 -- ATRadio

September 29, 2015

(ATR) Tracey Gaudry, vice president of the International Cycling Union, says Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 will deliver on promises for cycling venues. Tracey Gaudry competing at...

NBC Preps Unfolding in "Physically Beautiful" Rio -- ATRadio

September 22, 2015

(ATR) NBC Olympics executive producer Jim Bell says the scenery in Rio could make for a memorable Games. "I think Rio is arguably the most physically beautiful city that we...

Olympic Leaders Remember Day Atlanta Won 1996 Games -- ATRadio

September 20, 2015

(ATR) In this edition of ATRadio, former and current Olympic bid leaders from across the globe share memories from Sept. 18, 1990. Atlanta's Dream Team, a team of youngster...

Andrew Young: "The Olympics Needed Atlanta" -- ATRadio

September 18, 2015

(ATR) Andrew Young says that on Sept. 18, 1990, he was "overly confident" Atlanta would win the 1996 Summer Olympics. After the IOC vote for Atlanta, Young (bottom right) t...

25 Years Ago: Billy Payne Remembers Day Atlanta Won Olympics -- ATRadio

September 18, 2015

(ATR) Friday marks the 25th anniversary of the city of Atlanta winning the 1996 Summer Olympics.  Ed Hula speaks with Billy Payne at the victory parade for the bid 25 years...

Ashgabat Leaders Turn Focus to 2017 AIMAG -- ATRadio

September 17, 2015

(ATR) Ashgabat hosted the Olympic Council of Asia this week and will now prep to host the 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games.   Sheikh Ahmad (left) and ATR's director ...

2024 Olympic Bid Leaders Gather at World Wrestling Championships -- ATRadio

September 11, 2015

(ATR) IOC members and other leaders in sport involved in respective bids for the 2024 Summer Olympics are in the U.S. city of Las Vegas, Nevada this week. (L-R) USA Wrestli...

IPC Chief Celebrates One-Year Countdown to Rio Paralympics -- ATRadio

September 07, 2015

(ATR) International Paralympic Committee president Philip Craven says that he expects Rio to bring its own flavor to next year's Paralympic Games. Philip Craven (Getty Imag...

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