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FrancsJeux - En 2021, les Jeux de Tokyo gagneront une journee

March 30, 2020

C’est fait. Vite fait. Et plutôt très bien fait. Le CIO et le comité d’organisation des Jeux de Tokyo 2020 ont pris tout le monde de vitesse. Ils ont annoncé dès ce lundi 30...

ICF supports new dates for Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games

March 30, 2020

The International Canoe Federation fully supports the International Olympic Committee’s decision to hold the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics in July and August next year (...

ITTF Executive Committee follow-up meeting on COVID-19

March 30, 2020

On Sunday 29 March 2020, the ITTF Executive Committee met to discuss further the effects of COVID-19 on the international table tennis event schedule. Due to the continued ...

New Dates for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

March 30, 2020

(ATR) The rescheduled dates for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games are July 23 – August 8, 2021. The Paralympics will follow August 24 – September 5. Tokyo 2020 president Yoshiro ...

New Dates Chosen for Tokyo Olympics

March 30, 2020


#ICYMI: World Games 2021 on Stand By, What's Next After Tokyo 2020 Postponement

March 29, 2020

Birmingham, Alabama is hosting the 2021 World Games. World Games 2021 on Stand By (ATR) The fate of the World Games in Birmingham, Alabama, will depend on the new date of ...

Wanda Diamond League to postpone May meetings

March 27, 2020

The Wanda Diamond League today postpones three more meetings which had been scheduled to take place in May. An alternative calendar for the 2020 season is to be announced in d...

Bydgoszcz 2020 World Para Athletics European Championships postponed

March 26, 2020

The Bydgoszcz 2020 World Para Athletics European Championships, which was scheduled to take place from 2 to 7 June in Poland, has been postponed. In light of the COVID-...

MATCH: Help athletes access quality health care

March 26, 2020

Together, we’ll ensure that athletes and other people with intellectual disabilities aren’t forgotten during the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to our partner, Walmart, eve...

ATRadio: Date for 2020 Olympics Crucial Says Archery Leader

March 26, 2020

(ATR) World Archery Secretary-General Tom Dielen and his colleagues among the 33 sports in the now postponed Tokyo Olympics are waiting for answers from the IOC. In the lat...

Tokyo 2020: Cost of Rescheduling 'Will Probably be Massive'

March 26, 2020

(ATR) The Tokyo 2020 organizing committee launches a new task force to explore all contingencies and execute the rescheduling of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Tokyo 20...

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