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Past Games

US Olympians at State Dinner

April 25, 2018

Two US Olympians from PyeongChang were the only sports figures at a state dinner for the president of France. The dinner was the first of the Trump administration. The 1...

White House Welcome for Team USA: Monday Memo

April 22, 2018

President Trump Debut With U.S. Olympians For the first time in his presidency, Donald Trump will welcome a U.S. Olympic team to the White House. He and the First Lady will...

OCA Press Release: OCA breaks new ground with Asian Games Fun Run in DPR Korea

April 18, 2018

Kuwait, April 18, 2018: The Olympic Council of Asia will break new ground when it holds an 18th Asian Games Fun Run in Pyongyang, capital of DPR Korea, on May 1. The OCA be...

Paris 2024 Athletes' Body to 'Inspire and Engage' Public

April 13, 2018

(ATR) The Paris 2024 athletes commission says it aims to deliver an “exceptional experience” for Olympians in 2024. Paris 2024 athletes commission (Paris 2024) The panel h...

Muhammad Ali Olympic Relic on Auction

April 11, 2018

The 1960 boxing program and a ticket to the final won by Muhammad Ali. (Ulf Strom) (ATR) Rarities from the Olympics starting with Athens 1896 will be sold at auction this wee...

Jessica Fox Urges Young Athletes to Embrace Sports Education

April 10, 2018

Two-time Olympic medallist and multiple World canoe slalom champion Jessica Fox has told an audience of potential Youth Olympians it is important they are fully aware of laws ...

OpEd: Women's Rights are Human Rights, and Women Have the Right to Equality in Sport

April 09, 2018

By Donna de Varona Donna de Varona (Twitter/@devarona64) The United Nations (UN) International Day of Sport For Development and Peace (April 6) reminds us of the unifyin...

Battle For Plebiscite Could Make or Break Calgary

April 06, 2018

This is the fourth in a series by Around the Rings analyzing the seven declared interested 2026 Olympic bidders announced by the IOC on Tuesday. (ATR) A battle for funding...

Mexico Celebrating 50 Years

April 09, 2018

(ATR) An extensive program for the 50th anniversary of the Olympic Games in Mexico is planned for the months ahead. Mexico City hosted the 1968 Summer Olympics in October (Wi...

33 countries to compete at 2018 Youth Olympic Games

April 06, 2018

APRIL 5, 2018 BUENOS AIRES (Youth Olympic Games) - The 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games will feature 40 3x3 teams from 33 different countries in Buenos Aires, Argentina on O...

Sion 2026 Bid Needs Support of the People

April 04, 2018

This is the second in a series by Around the Rings analyzing the seven declared interested 2026 Olympic bidders announced by the IOC on Tuesday.  (ATR) The head of the Sion...

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