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Past Games

ATR First: No Joint Winter Olympics Award

December 01, 2018

IOC Pres. Thomas Bach (ATR) (ATR) IOC President Thomas Bach rules out awarding the next two Winter Olympic Games at the the same time. Even though only two 2026 candidates...

Beijing Olympics Spectator George H.W. Bush, 94 - Updated

December 05, 2018

(ATR) President George H.W. Bush welcomed two American Olympic teams while he was in the White House, but it wasn't until 16 years later that he finally got to see the Games t...

Russian Lisin Elected ISSF President

November 30, 2018

(ATR) The longest-serving world sportsman in his position, the Mexican Olegario Vázquez Raña, was succeeded on Friday by the Russian Vladimir Lisin as president of the Interna...

ROC Helping to Return Medals to the IOC

November 26, 2018

(ATR) The Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) is cooperating with the IOC to get Russian Bobsleigh Federation President Alexander Zubkov to return the gold medals that he won at t...

Grenoble Torch, Beijing Gold Medal Highlight Auction

November 23, 2018

(ATR) Proving there is no shortage of eager bidders for Olympic memorabilia, one of 33 Grenoble torches will sell for at least $200,000 in the latest Ingrid O’Neil auction. ...

Jerry Anderson Changed Olympic Landscape

November 22, 2018

(ATR) Jerry Anderson is remembered as someone who changed the Olympic landscape, literally. Jerry Anderson smiles in the control room for Super Bowl XLVII,in 2013. (Populou...

OpEd: The Olympic Host City Conundrum

November 16, 2018

(ATR) Olympic expert Mike Moran chronicles the troubled history of Winter Olympic bids. In the wake of the defeat of the Olympic bid referendum in Calgary this week, Moran say...

Reno-Tahoe Won't Bid for Winter Olympics - Press Release

November 12, 2018

Reno Tahoe Responds to Olympic Winter Games Bid Invitation (Reno, Nevada November 12, 2018) - Reno-Tahoe is honored to have been one of three cities selected by the United...


November 10, 2018

Delegates meet in Limassol (CYP) for general assembly and gala dinner Annual Awards winners and future competition decisions to be announced UIPM becomes first Internation...

Mitt Romney to U.S. Senate, Dick Fosbury Wins Idaho Election

November 07, 2018

Mitt Romney is elected to the U.S. Senate (Mitt Romney) (ATR) The elections in the U.S. come with some links to the Olympics. Former Salt Lake City 2002 President Mitt Rom...

IOC: Won't Be Fooled by AIBA Changes

November 05, 2018

(ATR) The new president of Olympic boxing federation AIBA is keeping a low profile after his election this weekend. Gafur Rakhimov was elected to a four-year term in Mosco...

USOC Begins Process to Decertify USA Gymnastics

November 05, 2018

(ATR) The United States Olympic Committee began the process to revoke the recognition of USA Gymnastics as the sport’s National Governing Body. (Getty Images) USOC Chief E...

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