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Beijing 2022

Future Host Cities build from PyeongChang 2018

June 05, 2018

The Debrief of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 was held on 4 and 5 June to assist future Organising Committees, specifically Beijing, and Interested C...

Beijing 2022 Downloads Know-How from PyeongChang

June 04, 2018

(ATR) The IOC is hosting a week of meetings in Beijing to help the 2022 Winter Olympics organizers learn as much as they could from PyeongChang counterparts. Fireworks over...

Monday Memo - Day of Reckoning in DC

June 03, 2018

WADA Athlete Forum June 3 to 5 The First Global Athlete Forum gets underway in Calgary, Canada, Monday, although some athletes are complaining that the event is neither glo...

2 Minutes: More Hearings, World Cup Preps, Beijing 2022

June 02, 2018

(ATR) Correspondent Aaron Bauer reviews the latest news ... special emphasis on the ongoing investigation of sex abuse in Olympic sport. Also -- Football teams around the worl...

Beijing Olympics in Full Construction Mode

June 01, 2018

(ATR) Organizers of the 2022 Winter Olympics say timetables are ready for all 52 construction projects needed to stage the Games. Beijing 2022 headquarters seen from a near...

Artificial Intelligence Comes to Tokyo 2020 - Sponsor Spotlight

May 25, 2018

(ATR) Intel wants developers to come up with the next best use of artificial intelligence at the next Olympic Games. Drones at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics (Intel) “Today...

Budget Concerns for Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

May 18, 2018

(ATR) The International Paralympic Committee warned Tokyo 2020 about the state of its Paralympic budget at the conclusion of a two-day project review. Gonzalez, left, with ...

Summit Examines Analytics in the Sports Industry - Conferences and Conventions

May 17, 2018

(ATR) The Sports Performance Data and Fan Engagement Summit takes place in London on May 22 and 23. (Sports Innovation Network) It will bring together over 450 professiona...

Rugby Africa Appoints Sponsorship Group - Sponsor Spotlight

May 04, 2018

(ATR) The APO Group will serve as the official sponsorship agency for Rugby Africa over the next two years. Rugby at the Rio 2016 Olympics (Wikimedia Commons) The deal goe...

IOC Plans for North Korean Athletes; Medal Reallocation Approval

May 02, 2018

(ATR) The IOC is working on an initiative to help North Korean athletes participate in future sports events, a blueprint it plans to roll out to “dozens” of countries. Timo...

Good Weather Brings Beijing 2022 Construction

May 02, 2018

(ATR) Construction at the Zhangjiakou cluster for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has restarted. Beijing 2022 headquarters seen from a nearby hill (Beijing 2022) Accordin...

IOC Executive Board; Athletics, Ice Hockey, Table Tennis Events - Monday Memo

April 29, 2018

Short EB Set in Lausanne The 15 members of the IOC Executive Board hold one of their shortest regular meetings May 2 to 3. Scheduled to begin mid afternoon Wednesday, the m...

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