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Beijing 2022

Beijing 2022 Off To A Very Strong Start

October 12, 2016

The International Olympic Committee (IOC)’s Coordination Commission concluded its first visit Wednesday with praise for the future host’s adherence to the vision presented dur...

IOC, Ski Federation Impressed with Beijing 2022 Progress

October 12, 2016

(ATR) The IOC says preparations for the 2022 Winter Olympics are “off to a fast start”. Beijing organizers receiving nothing but praise from IOC CoComm (Getty Images) At t...

Zhukov Leaving Russia Olympic Committee

October 11, 2016

Putin announces changes for sport in Russia. (ATR) Russian Olympic Committee president Alexander Zhukov will step down from that post in a shakeup disclosed by Russian Presid...

Zhukov Leaves Beijing 2022 CoComm for Putin; Kasper Impressed

October 11, 2016

(ATR) Alexander Zhukov, the IOC’s chief inspector for the Beijing Olympics, was forced to leave the first inspection visit after day one of the three-day check-up. Alexande...

Time Running Out for NHL to Determine Olympic Participation -- Federations Focus

September 28, 2016

(ATR) Deputy commissioner for the National Hockey League Bill Daly says there has been little progress to get NHL players to compete at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics. NHL p...

The Search for Beijing 2022 Emblems

September 27, 2016

Beijing candidature emblem (IOC) (ATR) The emblems for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be unveiled in the second half of next year. The Beijing Organizing Comm...

OCA Press Release: IOC President: Olympic movement is counting on Asia

September 25, 2016

Danang, Vietnam, September 25, 2016: The President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, addressed the 35th OCA General Assembly at the Royal Lotus Hotel and Co...

Bach to South Korea; PyeongChang, Tokyo, Beijing Summit

September 20, 2016

(ATR) Days after the Paralympics ended, IOC president Thomas Bach travels to South Korea to check on preparations for the PyeongChang Games. The Jeongsen downhill course for ...

Lack of Communication Put Rio Paralympics in Danger -- ATRadio

September 20, 2016

(ATR) International Paralympic Committee president Philip Craven says communication must improve with future organizers of the Paralympic Games. IPC president Philip Craven...

Craven: Paralympics Leads to "Seismic Shifts in Attitudes"

September 16, 2016

(ATR) International Paralympic Committee president Philip Craven says the growth of the Paralympics is benefiting the lives of millions of people across the globe. IPC pres...

Why Los Angeles Will Get the 2024 Olympic Games -- OpEd

September 15, 2016

Is a $10 billion partnership enough to guarantee at least one Olympics on home soil? How about three-quarters of that amount, which is what the American TV network NBC has pai...

IOC Vice President Gets Beijing 2022 Role

September 14, 2016

(ATR) Yu Zaiqing has been made a vice-president of the Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee. Yu Zaiqing (Getty Images) The State Council announced the move on Wedne...

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