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Beijing 2022

IOC Vice President Gets Beijing 2022 Role

September 14, 2016

(ATR) Yu Zaiqing has been made a vice-president of the Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee. Yu Zaiqing (Getty Images) The State Council announced the move on Wedne...

New Paralympic Sport Set to Debut at Beijing 2022

September 06, 2016

(ATR) Bobsleigh could debut at the 2022 Paralympics if it meets requirements set out by the International Paralympic Committee. Bobsleigh is set to feature at the 2022 Para...

Bridgestone Named First Founding Partner of Olympic Channel

August 15, 2016

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Bridgestone Corporation (Bridgestone) today announced a collaborative agreement that makes the world’s largest tire and rubber co...

Guo Chuan Rallies Rio to Promote Peace through Sport

August 02, 2016

Guo Chuan, the Chinese sailor, has arrived on Sunday in Rio de Janeiro after leaving 16 days ago from La-Trinité-sur-Mer. The trans-Atlantic voyage was a practice for Guo Chua...

Budapest 2024 Observer Delegates to Connect with Host Cities, Operations Teams at Rio

August 01, 2016

A full contingent of eight executives and eight observers are travelling from the candidate city of Budapest to take part in the Rio Observer Program. Just 4 days remain ...

IOC Ready to Rule on Russians - On the Scene

July 30, 2016

(ATR) The IOC has established a panel to decide the fate of Russian athletes competing at the Games. IOC Executive Board meeting in Rio (Getty Images) The IOC last Sunday ...

No Nerves for Rio Olympic Chief as Opening Looms

July 30, 2016

(ATR) Carlos Nuzman says he’s not nervous about problems arising during the Olympics but admits “a few things” may need adjusting in the first days. Rio 2016 head Carlos Nuzm...

Rio Olympic Torch Relay; Wimbledon -- Monday Memo

June 27, 2016

Opening Rounds of Wimbledon Serena Williams seeks to defend her 2015 Wimbledon title. (Getty Images) The world's oldest annual and most prestigious tennis tournament beg...

Tokyo 2020 Begins Selling Merchandise - Sponsor Spotlight

June 25, 2016

(ATR) Tokyo 2020 licensed apparel is now on sale. The Official Tokyo 2020 products (Tokyo 2020 - Shugo Takemi) Across Japan consumers can purchase one of 26 Tokyo 2020 bra...

Olympic Day Follies -- OpEd

June 23, 2016

(ATR) Olympic Day 2016 wraps up with fun runs around the world, promotions from the 2024 Olympic bids and sports demonstrations like those hosted in Canada, the U.S. and oth...

Host City 2016 Announces Agenda -- Conferences and Conventions

June 17, 2016

(ATR) The third edition of the Host City convention will take place in Glasgow Scotland from Nov. 21-22. (Host City) The convention that gathers international federations,...

IOC Latest - Kuwait Banned for Rio 2016; 2024 Bids Update

June 02, 2016

(ATR) Kuwait is likely to be suspended from the Olympics after the government failed to strike a deal with the IOC after months-long row over its sports law. IOC executives...

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