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Beijing 2022

Tokyo 2020 Begins Selling Merchandise - Sponsor Spotlight

June 25, 2016

(ATR) Tokyo 2020 licensed apparel is now on sale. The Official Tokyo 2020 products (Tokyo 2020 - Shugo Takemi) Across Japan consumers can purchase one of 26 Tokyo 2020 bra...

Olympic Day Follies -- OpEd

June 23, 2016

(ATR) Olympic Day 2016 wraps up with fun runs around the world, promotions from the 2024 Olympic bids and sports demonstrations like those hosted in Canada, the U.S. and oth...

Host City 2016 Announces Agenda -- Conferences and Conventions

June 17, 2016

(ATR) The third edition of the Host City convention will take place in Glasgow Scotland from Nov. 21-22. (Host City) The convention that gathers international federations,...

IOC Latest - Kuwait Banned for Rio 2016; 2024 Bids Update

June 02, 2016

(ATR) Kuwait is likely to be suspended from the Olympics after the government failed to strike a deal with the IOC after months-long row over its sports law. IOC executives...

Major Challenges for IOC Board Ahead of Rio 2016

June 01, 2016

(ATR) Rio 2016 problems, Russian doping scandals and Tokyo 2020 bid vote-buying allegations are on a crammed IOC Executive Board agenda. Thomas Bach presides over the exec...

Paris Mayor embarks on Olympic learning experience in China

May 27, 2016

The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo has this week traveled China to listen and learn from their Olympic experiences gleaned from hosting the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games and...

Italian and Chinese Organizers Seek to Confirm Bids at FIS Congress

May 23, 2016

(ATR) The famed Italian ski resort of Cortina is the lone candidate for the 2021 Alpine ski world championships, while Zhangjiakou, China holds the same distinction for the 20...

Coca-Cola Shares Olympic City, Torch Relay Marketing -- Sponsor Spotlight

May 21, 2016

(ATR) Coca-Cola is beginning to capture the Olympic momentum. James Williams in Coca-Cola Brazil headquarters (ATR) With less than 80 days until the Games the TOP Sponsor ...

Ski Mountaineering Ascends Towards Olympic Recognition

April 13, 2016

(ATR) International Ski Mountaineering Federation officials are optimistic that their steady climb uphill towards full Olympic status culminates on a mountain at the Beijing 2...

China Adds Football Growth to Winter Olympic Ambitions

April 12, 2016

(ATR) China has launched ambitious plans to become a "football superpower" by 2050. Huang Bowen of China celebrates scoring against Qatar (STR/AFP/Getty Images) Not conten...

Beijing 2022 Pledges to IOC to Increase Winter Sports Participation

March 18, 2016

Guo and Zhukov (Getty) (ATR) The IOC says Beijing is off to a “fast start” following the first project review to assess early preparations for the 2022 Winter Olympics. An...

Rio 2016 Troubles, Doping Issues Top IOC Agenda

March 01, 2016

(ATR) With five months until the Rio Games, Brazil’s trouble-plagued preparations will dominate discussions at this week’s IOC Executive Board. (ATR) As Rio organizers sla...

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