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By The Book

By the Book: 2012 City Air Traffic

March 27, 2005

 (ATR) On average, New York City has the highest passenger capacity of the five 2012 Olympic host cities, based on 2004 statistics. Based on predictions of capacity for 2012, ...

By the Book-2012 City Per Capita Income

March 25, 2005

 (ATR) Parisâ??s per capita income is the highest of the five bid cities, more than six times that of Moscow, which has the lowest per capita income.Per capita income, from h...

By the Book â?? 2012 City Weather Info

March 24, 2005

 (ATR) Madrid and New York, on average, have the warmest period during the proposed Olympic dates than the other bidding cities. However, New York also has the rainiest period...

By the Book: 2012 Existing Hotels

March 23, 2005

 (ATR) Paris currently has the most hotels available within a 10-kilometer radius of central 2012 Olympic venues. Paris also has a greater number of hotel rooms than the other...

By the Book: 2012 Olympic Budgets

March 22, 2005

 (ATR) New York plans to have the highest operating budget for the 2012 Olympics, nearly doubling Moscow, which has the lowest budget. The operating budget covers the costs of...

By the Book â?? Dates of the Games

March 21, 2005

 By the Book is a new feature for Around the Rings.Com readers. From now until June 3, weâ??ll post daily updates at with side-by-side comparisons of th...

By the Book: 2014 Olympics Dates

June 05, 2007

2014 Olympic Dates All three candidate cities propose the same Olympic dates and almost identical Paralympics dates. Olympics schedule: PyeongChang, Salzburg & Sochi: February...

By the Book: 2014 Olympics Guarantees

June 06, 2007

2014 Guarantees All three candidates have financial guarantees for their Games organizing committees; Russia’s government has pledged the most additional cash for their bid. ...

By the Book: 2014 Olympics Budget

June 07, 2007

2014 Budget Sochi’s operations budget breaks $1.5 billion while Salzburg’s is the smallest at $965 million. In all three cities, information systems are a major item in the bu...

By the Book: 2014 Olympics Revenue

June 08, 2007

In all three cities, the biggest chunk of revenue comes from the IOC contribution and TOP sponsorship – $485 million total. Yet that is half of Salzburg’s total revenue but on...

By the Book: Public Support

June 09, 2007

2014 Public Support More than 90 percent of PyeongChang residents consistently support their city's bid. But Salzburg numbers are weak; an IOC poll shows only 42 percent suppo...

By the Book: Tickets

June 10, 2007

2014 Olympics and Paralympics Tickets PyeongChang projects the fewest ticket sales yet the most ticket revenue, all with prices comparable to Sochi and Salzburg. All three cit...

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