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By The Book

By the Book: Tickets

June 10, 2007

2014 Olympics and Paralympics Tickets PyeongChang projects the fewest ticket sales yet the most ticket revenue, all with prices comparable to Sochi and Salzburg. All three cit...

By the Book: 2014 Olympics National Sponsors and Licensing

June 11, 2007

2014 National Sponsors and Licensing Sochi projects the most revenue from organizing committee sponsorships and from licensing. Thirty five million dollars would buy a top-tie...

By the Book: 2014 Olympics Airports

June 12, 2007

2014 Olympics Airports Salzburg plans for most international air traffic to come straight to the city. Most PyeongChang and Sochi traffic would transit through Incheon or Mosc...

By the Book: 2014 Olympics Accommodation

June 13, 2007

2014 Accommodations Sochi’s bid book promises massive room construction before hosting the Games while Salzburg’s plans require little growth. PyeongChang’s figures include ac...

By the Book: 2014 Olympics Technology

June 14, 2007

2014 Olympic Technology PyeongChang and Salzburg already have most fiber optic connections in place required for Olympic broadcasting. By 2014 Korea plans operation of its own...

By the Book: 2014 Olympics Infrastructure

June 15, 2007

2014 Infrastructure Sochi plans the biggest infrastructure budget in the form of the $12 billion government-guaranteed Federal Target Program. PyeongChang's big item is $4 bil...

By the Book: 2014 Olympic Villages

June 16, 2007

2014 Olympic Villages Each bid requires two Olympic villages: one among mountain venues and one nearer to ice venues. PyeongChang The site of Alpensia Reso...

By the Book: 2014 Ceremony Venues

June 17, 2007

The PyeongChang Olympic Stadium is being built among the mountains at Alpensia Resort. (ATR)  2014 Ceremony Venues Only Salzburg already has a stadium for t...

By the Book: 2014 Competition Venues

June 18, 2007

2014 Olympic Competition Venues Sochi’s plan requires the most construction and upgrades, at a total cost of $750 million; PyeongChang follows at $559 million. Salzburg has t...

By the Book: 2014 Olympics Public Transit

June 19, 2007

2014 Olympic Public Transit All three cities will limit vehicular traffic to venues and provide park and ride lots to visitors. All will also designate part of their roads as ...

By the Book: 2014 Olympic Security

June 20, 2007

2014 Olympic Security All three bids downplay the threat of natural disasters, angry protests, crime or attacks. Each potential host country also promises a committee with min...

By the Book: 2014 Olympics Workforce

June 21, 2007

2014 Olympic Workforce While it is not definitively known how many people each Olympic bid city will employ for the games, it is known how much each city will spend on its wor...

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