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By The Book

By the Book: 2014 Olympics Workforce

June 21, 2007

2014 Olympic Workforce While it is not definitively known how many people each Olympic bid city will employ for the games, it is known how much each city will spend on its wor...

By the Book: 2014 Olympic Environmental Legacies

June 24, 2007

2014 Olympic Environmental Legacies All three cities are using the IOC Agenda 21 recommendations on sustainable development and environmental protection to guide their project...

By the Book: 2014 Olympics Weather

June 22, 2007

Olympic Weather Each 2014 bid book contains the average of 10 years of meteorological data during the Games period. The data presented here is for each bid's alpine ski venue....

By the Book: 2014 Olympic Legacy

June 24, 2007

2014 Olympic Legacy PyeongChang: Developing a Winter Sports Culture Olympic Games in PyeongChang will provide Gangwon province with the infrastructure and venues it needs for ...

By the Book: Paralympics

June 23, 2007

2014 ParalympicsPyeongChangDates: March 9 - 18Budget: $48.8 millionNumber of disabled sport events hosted in Korea since 2000: 13PyeongChang proposes to carry on the legacy of...

Concerns Over Rules for Sports Seeking 2016 Olympic Spots

June 13, 2008

The president of the World Karate Federation is afraid they will not have enough opportunities to lobby IOC members for the sport's inclusion. (Getty Images)...

By the Book â?? 2012 Olympics Canoe/Kayak

May 06, 2005

 (ATR) Three of the five 2012 Olympic bid cities will host canoe and kayak in separate venues. Paris will modify the seating in its regatta center to accommodate the different...

By the Book: Olympic Handball Arenas

May 06, 2005

 (ATR) Moscow will use a pair of handball arenas for the 2012 Olympics, making it the only city to do so. Paris is building a temporary venue, while London will construct a p...

By the Book: Olympic Hockey Fields

May 05, 2005

 (ATR) Three of the cities bidding for the 2012 Olympics will use multiple fields for field hockey. London is the only city needing to build a venue, which will become a sport...

By the Book: Olympic Equestrian Centers

May 04, 2005

(ATR) London, Madrid and Moscow would use existing equestrian centers for the 2012 Olympics. Moscowâ??s equestrian center is one of the legacies from the 1980 Olympics.Equest...

By the Book â?? 2012 Olympic Football

January 01, 1950

(ATR) A total of 28 different stadiums will play host to Olympic football for the 2012 Games. All are fully built with the exception of three: the Olympic Stadium in New York,...

By the Book â?? Olympic Fencing Venues

May 03, 2005

 (ATR) Two fencing venues for the 2012 Olympics date back to the 1980s, while two of the cities plan temporary arenas. Fencing Venues (Name; Build Date; Cost; Capacity; Dista...

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