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By The Book

By the Book: 2012 Main Press Centers

April 21, 2005

 (ATR) Only New York has an existing building to use as the Main Press Center for the 2012 Games. London plans to have the biggest press center.Main Press Centers (New/Existin...

By the Book: 2012 Olympics Torch Relay

April 18, 2005

 (ATR) Paris and Moscow plan to spend the most on the 2012 Torch Relay. London, New York and Paris have the most detailed plans.Proposed torch relay budgets, from highest to l...

By the Book: 2012 Basketball Venues

April 17, 2005

(ATR) Basketball arenas for the 2012 Olympics feature two historic venues in New York and Moscow. Only Paris has a venue that is planned to be temporary.Basketball Venues (Nam...

By the Book: 2012 Gymnastics Venues

April 17, 2005

(ATR) Four of the five bid cities need to construct its respective gymnastics arenas for the 2012 Games. London is the only city with a building that is fully ready.Gymnastics...

By the Book: 2012 Mountain Bike Venues

April 15, 2005

(ATR) Only Moscow has a completed Mountain Bike venue for the 2012 Games. All five venues will be among the farthest from each cityâ??s Olympic Village.Mountain Bike Venues (N...

By the Book: 2012 Paralympics Budgets

April 14, 2005

 (ATR) Paris and London will spend the most to host the 2012 Paralympics. More inside in By the Book, an Around the Rings exclusive, presenting side-by-side comparisons from t...

By the Book: 2012 Table Tennis Venues

April 13, 2005

 By the Book â?? 2012 Bid City Table Tennis Venues(ATR) Four of the 2012 bid cities that say they have table tennis venues in place for the 2012 Olympics. More inside in By th...

By the Book: 2012 Olympic Village Space

April 12, 2005

(ATR) Moscow promises to give more space per athlete in the Olympic Village, and, along with Paris, offer the most number of rooms. New York and Madrid will not offer single r...

By the Book: 2012 Olympic Village Plans

April 11, 2005

 (ATR) Paris will spend the most for its Olympic Village for the 2012 Olympics. All five bid cities intend to use its villages for housing and other various purposes.Olympic V...

By the Book: 2012 Badminton Venues

April 10, 2005

(ATR) Madrid and Moscow are the only two 2012 cities with an existing arena in place for badminton. The three other cities are planning on new venues for the sport. Badminton...

By the Book: 2012 Archery Venues

April 10, 2005

(ATR) From a racecourse to a legendary cricket ground, the 2012 cities already have venues for Olympic Archery. All thatâ??s needed is the temporary overlay for the sport.Arch...

By the Book: 2012 Aquatics Venues

April 07, 2005

 (ATR) Each of the five bid cities will need to construct its respective aquatics venues for the 2012 Games. Madrid and Moscow plan to finish its venues before the other citie...

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