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"... Has long been the most influential internet presence on the Olympics."
- The Guardian (UK)

"The go-to source for Olympic host-city speculation."
- Newsweek magazine

For more than 20 years -- five times longer than our nearest competitor -- Around the Rings has been the world's leading source of accurate, independent news and business intelligence about the Olympic Movement. ATR delivers around-the-clock and in-depth coverage of the $5 billion Olympic Movement directly to your inbox or handheld device.

Sure, you can get a lot of "free information" about the Olympics and the world of elite sport. But if quality and reliability are important to you ... if you need to know what your competitors know ... if you need to know what the most powerful people in sport know ... there is no substitute for Around the Rings.

Who subscribes to Around the Rings? Every single National Olympic Committee ... members of the International Olympic Committee ... all organizing committees ... bid cities ... news organizations ... international sports federations ... Olympic sponsors ... sports marketers ... government agencies ... and more.

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